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Destroy Wii – Aim

The aim of this site is to raise money, to reserve a Nintendo Wii (in UK), buy it at a very busy location (outside of many Nintendo Fanboys) in London, UK, and smash it up, outside the shop. We plan to raise the funds by donations on this site, in the form of paypal. When we get enough funds to buy a Nintendo Wii, we reserve one then will destroy it! We will be chucking it about, smashing it, standing on it, and anything else we can think of, and recording it all for you to watch when we get home!

We don’t hate Nintendo Wii’s, in fact, not even Nintendo, but its the fan boys we want to annoy! This is one sure way to piss off Nintendo Fans. Imagine their expression as they cry and weep when they see us destroying a Wii outside a shop they have qued up for hours to get. Ok, so we would have qued up as well, but it’ll be worth it. And, to let you guys see it, we will record it and let everyone view it for free!

 If however, we get some donations, but not enough to buy a Nintendo Wii, we will buy the most expensive Wii related thing we can (probably a game or Official Nintendo Wii controller) and DESTROY it outside queing buyers!

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